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GHS Products and Services Broker

We are your broker of GHS-related products and services. Our expertise allows us to identify the best products and services available that meet YOUR needs, and according to YOUR budget.



Internationally compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

GHS and consumer labels for ALL countries

All of our documents are written in the language of the country in which you export

All our documents are certified locally compliant to the destination country

Products and substances on national inventories

Documents with the Poison Centers in Europe

Trade Secret with Health Canada


Software, production
and research

Software to manage all your documents (SDSs) of raw materials and finished products

GHS label generation from your SDS of raw materials

Searches and reports on all documents from ALL your locations (English-French)

Specialized training offered on site (WHMIS 2015 Import-Export)

WHMIS 2015 compliance audit (In an import-export context)